Recommended BMW Tire Pressure

2022 BMW M8 Coupe


Whether you drive a BMW X5 or a BMW 4 Series, you know that a BMW delivers unparalleled performance and safety on the road. And one of the best ways to keep those travels smooth is to stick to your maintenance schedule – which includes checking your tire air pressure. What is the recommended BMW tire pressure for the best results possible? The recommended tire pressure for most BMW models is 32 PSI (pounds per square inch). You can double check this information by checking the sticker on the inside edge of the driver’s door or looking through your owner’s manual. Learn more service tips with New Century BMW, and visit us for all of your service needs!

Why Does Tire Air Pressure Matter?

BMW tire pressure has a big impact on your car’s performance and safety, but you might be surprised to learn that even your fuel economy plays is greatly affected by your tire air pressure. Here are a few reasons why you should check your BMW tires periodically:

  1. Blow outs and flat tires are much more common with underinflated tires.
  2. Proper inflation levels reducing wheel spin and excess friction, which means a longer lifespan for your BMW tires.
  3. The Department of Energy reports that maintaining proper tire air pressure increases your fuel efficiency up to 3.3%.

How to Check Tire Pressure

There are two main ways to check your tire air pressure. The most easy method is to check your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) if you have one equipped with your BMW tires. This built-in sensor will let you know when your tire pressure is under or over the recommended limit, so you can make adjustments the next time you’re fueling up in San Gabriel. If you need to learn how to check tire pressure manually, you’ll need a tire pressure gauge. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. For the best results, wait until your tires have cooled a bit. This gives a more accurate reading, because tires are warm after a drive – and heat expands!
  2. Unscrew the valve stem cap. Make sure you put it somewhere safe.
  3. Put the tire pressure gauge onto the valve stem. Press down firmly.
  4. Read the PSI on the display.
  5. Remove the gauge.
  6. Make adjustments. If your air pressure is too high, let out air by pressing down the center plunger in the valve stem. If your air pressure is too low, add air at a gas station around Arcadia or a car tire pump. You can even use a bike pump.
  7. Recheck your air pressure and keep adjusting until you reach the proper levels.
  8. Replace the valve stem cap.
  9. Repeat with all tires.

Don’t forget about your BMW spare tire! While your BMW tires will need to be checked every month, your BMW spare tire should be checked every 6 months or so to make sure it is properly filled in an emergency!

Find BMW Tire Care at New Century BMW

Whether you’re shopping for a tire pressure gauge at our parts department or a new set of tires at our tire center, stop by New Century BMW for all of your automotive needs. We’re located in Alhambra, just a short trip from Pasadena, so visit our dealership to see what we can do for you! Contact us with any questions.


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